AFOS Nigeria Signs Agreement with AHK for TVET Courses

The AFOS INGO Nigeria has executed a collaborative agreement with the service unit of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria for the alignment of the AFOS’ Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program offerings and an Agricultural Training Centre (ATC – a training hub initiated by the AFOS Foundation for the Agric Industry in Nigeria), to national and international certification standards. 

This collaboration allows the Parties to establish a link to foster cooperation for developing and implementing collaborative processes for the alignment of AFOS TVET program offerings and the ATC with national and international standards and for trainees to obtain certificates with global relevance.

AFOS Foundation desires to collaborate with national and international institutions to align and benchmark its program offerings as it continues to facilitate the provision of up-to-standard training within its AGRAR ll Project in Nigeria.