A Value-oriented Exposure Tour to Germany on the Topic of Dual Vocational Education & Training

Fostering trans-national exchanges and collaborations, AFOS Foundation, in collaboration with the Microfinance Agricultural Learning & Development Center, led a delegation of Agric-industry stakeholders from Nigeria on an exposure visit to Germany on the topic of Dual Vocational Education and Training

Designed and facilitated by AFOS Foundation in collaboration with the MLDC, the objective of the study tour is to expose Nigerian practitioners to modern agricultural practices, new technology and innovations in agriculture which will facilitate linkages and future collaborations between stakeholders from the Nigerian agricultural sector and best practice institutions in Germany. The program provided a learning experience as delegates enjoyed knowledge exchange and an opportunity for the agricultural giants & other stakeholders to establish contacts for future collaboration and partnership with top German institutions for sustainability and best practice.


Around the world, TVET is recognized as a partway that delivers the vocational skills and technical knowledge essential for agricultural, commercial, and economic development. In this light of development, capacity building and training advancement, our AGRAR project is collaborating with the Microfinance Agricultural Learning and Development Centre (MLDC), to establish an Agricultural Training Center (ATC) to serve as a knowledge hub for agricultural learning, with particular focus on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

This exposure trip provides direction in the MLDC-ATC’s journey of becoming recognized in Nigeria and beyond as the hub of skills, capacity development and professionalism in the microfinance and agricultural sectors, most especially in championing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) within the agriculture industry in order to develop a skilled industry workforce that will drive sustainable and efficient food production in Nigeria.