A Multi-stakeholders Platform for the Nigerian Agricultural Sector is Established.

AFOS Foundation initiates the establishment of a multi-stakeholder platform for the Nigerian Agricultural sector to create and sustain viable partnerships with relevant stakeholders of the Agric industry and to sustain the good results and impact of our work in the Nigerian Agricultural sector. Starting first with the poultry value chain, the multi-stakeholder platform for agriculture has the name:  the Nigerian Agriculture Platform (NAP) with a focus on creating dialogue amongst relevant stakeholders of specific agricultural value chains to resolve the various challenges facing the industry and bring about innovations for sustainable agribusiness in Nigeria. Our multi-stakeholder approach to sustainable development has yielded has tremendous results in our project activities in Nigeria, thus the Nigerian Agriculture Platform represents a framework that explores the relationship among the diverse stakeholders within the system. 
The goal of this platform is to increase the overall synergy of the Nigerian agricultural sector leading to an increase in agricultural production, access to networks /markets, and increased rural wealth and job opportunities in the Nigerian agricultural sector, by enhancing the efficiency of agribusinesses, smallholder farmers, and financiers and establishing strong linkages between them, leading to more robust agricultural value chains. The platform is a gathering of representatives from agribusinesses, smallholder farmers and their associations, agriculture professionals and consultants, national agricultural development agencies, public sector/policymakers and regulators, microfinance institutions, and non-government development organisations. Click to download AFOS NIG Newsletter-Q4 2021