AFOS’ intervention focuses on Capacity Building, Value-driven Organizational Development, Management Development, Corporate Governance, Use of Technology and Product Development.


Result 1

The training institute MLDC has been established with the top 8 players in the microfinance sector: now recognized as a reliable training, research, consulting, and advocacy institution

Result 2

Presently with 31 members, the Nigerian Microfinance Platform (NMP) has emerged as the main sector network and innovation driver through working groups.

Result Area3

Result 3

More than 75 management and junior staff were trained in management methods for around 50 days each.

Result 4

30,000 smallholder farmers received training thus increasing their sales volumes and are integrated in value chains at fair, transparent and sustainable terms, of which 255 additionally received the ToT qualification.

Result 4- ToT Cert.
Result 5- Smallholder Cashew farmers each receive auto pest contro sprayers

Result 5

232 smallholder ToT farmers are beneficiaries of AFOS equipment financing and training intervention in response to Covid19 pandemic economic shocks.

Result 6

52 loan officers/branch managers received intensive training on agricultural financing; currently e-learning modules are being developed

Result 7

Result 7

75 semi-skilled employees qualified for livestock farming, agricultural machinery, and quality management through a 12-month dual-vocational training.

Result 8

40 executives participated in microfinance exposure tours to Ghana, East Africa and Europe leading to transnational collaboration.

Result 8 (1)
Result 9

Result 9

339 managers representing 194 MFBs trained on Business Continuity Planning in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Result 10

298 managers and CEOs from 185 MFBs trained on Microinsurance Products Development

Result 10 -Microfinance training

We are convinced that entrepreneurial initiative generates value, creates stable and sustainable incomes and workplaces – and this is development!